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Hefei Venture Park two phase H2

Due to the needs of business development, the National Grand Theatre recruitment companies hire a number of Posts and related requirements announcement as follows:
, recruitment and job conditions

Planning Supervisor (audio records) (1)
The humanities background art college graduate or has received the standard of music education, theory of composing, music (Western Music History), art management is preferred;
Familiar with western music and mainstream artists at home and abroad;
Has good team spirit, good communication and coordination, able to complete the project planning and execution;
Have good artistic accomplishment, good words, good English reading and writing ability;
With music related industries such as work experience, orchestra, company performance record company is preferred.

Legal director (audio records) (1)
Law bachelor and above degree in relevant majors, 3 + years related working experience;
Professional ability, good logical thinking ability, analysis ability and strain capacity;

Familiar music copyright, copyright and other related work, familiar with the laws and regulations in this field;
A strong sense of responsibility, rigorous thinking, good communication skills;
English based good, skilled use of office software;
Have strong organization and coordination ability, team spirit and innovation ability.

Journal publishing manager (1)
Bachelor and above degree in relevant majors;
Familiar media release process, there are more than 3 years experience in the issuance of newspapers and magazines;
Familiar media distribution market situation, good market judgment and development ability;
Master distribution channels resources, good communication skills and executive ability;
The basic operation of familiar with computer office software, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit.

Conference services (3)
Rich high standard and high level service work experience;
Business services excellent professional quality, and can adapt to flexible working hours on duty;
The use of equipment, familiar with all kinds of business activities, skilled use of common office software;
The use of skilled coordination and management of the conference room, meeting to maintain orderly and clean environment;
Appearance dignified and elegant, high service spirit and communication skills.
Two, qualification

1 Chinese support the leadership of the Communist Party and the socialist system, have high political quality, abide by the Constitution and the law;
Has 2 China nationality, good health, no bad record, good conduct;
3 conform to the required skills and other conditions.

Three, registration
1 registration time: the date of the announcement to March 29, 2017 17:00;

2 candidates to be in the National Theatre's official website ( "net" column "online application" related posts (please fill in the application using a IE browser). At the same time to download and fill out the "Beijing National Theatre enterprises employ post registration form" (see Annex table hiringannouncement), paste it in the specified location a recent personal photo, sent to the National Theatre mailbox (;

3 a candidate for a post. Candidates must be in the name, job placement, the initial access to the recruitment of information channels written in the subject of the message (example: Zhang three + legal director + the official website of the National Grand Theatre);
The authenticity of the application materials 4 applicants should I submit to any resort to deceit, once verified, that the cancellation of qualifications.